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Birding in bleak mid-winter

Report on the 26 January 2019 field trip along the Rideau River by Gregory Zbitnew Nine participants enjoyed a pleasantly bleak mid-winter morning near Hurdman, the Adawe Bridge, and Billings Bridge. Conditions were actually almost pleasant, or at any rate only slightly uncomfortable, with average temperatures, little wind, and a bit of sun. We saw 15 species at the three stops. Unfortunately recent severe cold diminished the open water and may have been a factor in the absence of the BARROW’S GOLDENEYE, [...]

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Proposed cormorant hunt: what to know and what to do

by Jakob Mueller, OFNC Vice President The Ontario government is considering a proposal to establish a hunting season on the Double-crested Cormorant. The details and potential effects of this proposal are a serious cause for concern. If enacted, the law will set responsible conservation back in Ontario and cause ecological harm that will take decades to reverse. The OFNC has posted an official objection to this. However, the OFNC is also asking its members and all concerned citizens to post [...]

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Keep our environment commissioner

The OFNC has signed an Ontario Nature letter to Premier Ford protesting elimination of the role of environment commissioner. by Sandy Garland Ontario Nature (ON) is rallying its members (including the OFNC) to express concern over the move to eliminate the office of the Environmental Commissioner of Ontario (ECO). OFNC President Diane Lepage has signed ON's letter to Premier Ford on the club's behalf. As an individual, please also consider signing ON's petition here -  We, the people, are for the [...]

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Britannia woods – a forest professional’s view

Ken Farr and Nancy Young, of the Canadian Institute of Forestry, share their knowledge about trees and forests with OFNC and CIF members by Bev McBride, photos by Dave Moore What a great chance to meet some new people and hear some different perspectives. Thirty-two OFNC and Canadian Institute of Forestry (CIF) members joined Ken Farr and Nancy Young on a walk through the Britannia Conservation Area woods. Nancy and Ken are vice-chair and chair of the Ottawa Valley Section [...]

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Part 1 of CFN Special Issue is Now Online

By William Halliday, Online Journal Manager of CFN The latest issue of The Canadian Field-Naturalist has now been published online, and this one is special! We decided to make a two-part special issue on amphibians and reptiles in Canada, dedicated to Dr. Francis Cook. Dr. Cook was a long-time editor and associate editor of CFN, as well as curator (now emeritus) at the Canadian Museum of Nature where he studied amphibians and reptiles in Canada. Dr. Cook was also just [...]

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NCC’s anti-buckthorn squad

Mission: eliminate buckthorn at the alvar in Aylmer, Quebec From the Nature Conservancy of Canada La version française suit Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) Protects High Biodiversity Natural Habitats. The alvar is a type of rare habitat worldwide characterized by outcrops of limestone and colonized by a very specific plant community. The largest portion of the Aylmer Alvar is protected by NCC, but a strong abundance of buckthorns has been established over time. Thus, to restore the alvar and curb [...]

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Soil mites might SoilYourUndies

Dr. Marla Schwarzfeld and Victoria Nowell (AAFC) displayed mites extracted from soil at FWG and elsewhere, just visible under 10X scopes. by Lynn Ovenden For the mite workshop on July 12, participants arriving at Fletcher Wildlife Garden found the entry bedecked with a line of stained shredded undies. This was the result of a SoilYourUndies experiment conducted by five FWG volunteers following the Soil Conservation Council’s protocol. In early May, each pair of 100% white cotton underwear was buried in [...]

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There’s a turtle team?!

After a washed out turtle nest was reported, the eggs were salvaged, examined, and reburied safely by OFNC member Dave Seburn and his "turtle team" - Hannah, Hannah, and Mackenzie. by Sandy Garland A rescue mission ended successfully today (July 27), but a happy ending depends on 28 baby turtles, now safely buried at the Fletcher Wildlife Garden. Turtle eggs were washed out of the ground by torrential rain this week. The story started with an email message [...]

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Gatineau Park birding outing

OFNC members compare bird songs, learn nesting etiquette, and enjoy spectacular birding along Gatineau trails.  by Sophie Roy with photos by Norbert Haché On the 9th of June, members of the OFNC enjoyed the birds of Gatineau park with leaders Justin Peter and Sophie Roy.  26 people attended the outing this year. As usual, we started the day off at P8 in Gatineau Park. The group had a great opportunity to compare Chipping Sparrow and Pine Warbler songs early in [...]

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