The OFNC has established a fund to support field-based research activities that reflect and promote the Club’s objectives within eastern Ontario or western Quebec, focused particularly on the Club’s study area – inside the 50-km radius from the Peace Tower in Ontario or Quebec.

Our objectives in doing this are:

  • To promote the appreciation, preservation, and conservation of Canada’s natural heritage
  • To encourage investigation, publish the results of research in all fields of natural history, and diffuse the information as widely as possible
  • To support and cooperate with organizations engaged in preserving, maintaining or restoring environments of high quality for living things

Grants typically range from $1000 to $3000. They are awarded to individuals, including students conducting research for their degrees, postdoctoral fellows, professors, research scientists, and independent researchers. Research summaries are published in Trail & Landscape.

The OFNC Research Grants Program is on hold at the moment; stay tuned to see if it will be offered for 2024.