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Ottawa Entomology Club

Mimicry in Syrphidae

Speaker: Kevin Moran, Carleton University
Thursday, October 17, 7:30 pm
Salon B, K.W. Neatby Building, Central Experimental Farm, 960 Carling Avenue

The fly family Syrphidae, the flower flies or hover flies, vary in appearance more than any other fly family. Some, like Sphegina, are small, slender mimics of wasps while others, such as Mallota, mimic bumble bees. This talk will try to answer questions about mimicry, and the evolution of mimicry in this family of flies.

Why has this mimicry evolved in Syrphidae: does it deter predation by vertebrates or is it better explained by another theory? Why are some species poor mimics while others match their model in detail? What adaptations have syrphids developed to enable mimicry and is this mimicry of Hymenoptera purely physical? Finally, we will examine the state of mimicry in subtribe Criorhinina which includes many of the most spectacular mimics.

More info: Hume Douglas 613-759-7128, or Vasily Grebennikov 613-759-7519

The Ottawa Entolmology Club holds monthly meetings at the Central Experimental Farm. They are free of charge and open to anyone interested in insects.

Canadian Museum of Nature

Portes Ouvertes/Open House

October 19, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Natural Heritage Campus
1740 chemin Pink, Gatineau, QC

Explore our museum’s Research and Collections facility,
meet our science experts and visit labs.

A FREE activity for the whole family!

The Artists of Stonebridge 10th Anniversary Show & Sale

Saturday and Sunday October 19 and 2010 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Stonebridge Golf Club, 68 Hawktree Ridge, Barrhaven
Website: http://www.artistsofstonebridge.com/

In the spirit of increasing our understanding of wildlife species and their habitat, the Artists of Stonebridge have chosen to support The Ottawa Carleton Wildlife Centre (OCWC), a local not-for-profit organization. The OCWC is committed to raising awareness of wildlife and to educating people on the conservation of the natural world so that wildlife can live and thrive. Donations to the OCWC will be collected at the upcoming 10th Annual Art Show and Sale in October. The Wildlife and Habitat Collection will first be exhibited to the public at the show and will then be circulated through our additional exhibit venues around the City. In addition, the ten paintings will be reproduced as greeting cards, available for purchase as a set, or individually.

MNRF needs help in determining wild pig numbers

Canada’s natural environment is being impacted by invasive species that range from fungi to fish, but few have as much destructive potential as wild pigs. Invasive species like wild pigs can cause damage to habitats and native species, and can be nearly impossible to get rid of once they become established.
That’s why Ontario’s Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry is asking for your help to quantify one of North America’s most destructive invasive species.

If you see a wild pig or have information about a sighting, please report it to:


Guided Shelterbelt Tree Tour 

Explore this urban gem
October 20, 2019 at 2pm 
Nature vs City at the Shelterbelt. The Shelterbelt project has planted many trees along Merivale Road between the research fields and the western boundary of the Farm.  These trees must resist all kinds of extremes to succeed in a challenging environment. Find out how these trees have fared with tour leader Roman Popadiouk. Although the tours are free and open to the public, please register in advance.
Meet at the Shelterbelt between Merivale Rd and McCooey Lane. Parking is not available at the Shelterbelt. We suggest side streets across from the Shelterbelt entrance, west of Merivale Rd. The tours are free but donations to the Friends of the Farm are gratefully accepted during the tour.