Wildlife in Japan with Roy John – postscript

by Jakob Mueller On 12 March 2019, Roy John presented an excellent talk on wildlife in Japan to the OFNC monthly meeting. Those of you who attended will remember that the projector was acting up, and was unable to properly display anything with red pigments. Those of you who missed this talk are in luck [...]

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Wildlife on vacation – an all inclusive look at Cuba

By Bailey Cooke Bailey Cooke is a 2nd-year University of Ottawa student in biology and geology. This winter, Bailey is volunteering with the OFNC through the Community Service Learning program. Cuban Trogon Tuesday, February 10, the Ottawa Field-Naturalists' Club held their first monthly meeting of 2015 at the Central Experimental Farm’s Neatby Building, situated at 960 [...]

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Second annual OFNC members’ photo night

By Claire Elliott and Barry Cottam Snapping Turtle by Josh McCullough On Saturday evening, January 17, Barry Cottam and Hume Douglas hosted the second annual OFNC Member’s Photo Night. To accommodate the growing popularity of this event, the meeting was held at the Central Experimental Farm's Neatby Building, the location of the OFNC [...]

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Wildlife in Sri Lanka

By Jessica Sutton Jessica Sutton is a 2nd-year University of Ottawa student in Environmental Studies and Biology. This fall, Jessica is volunteering with the OFNC through the Community Service Learning (CSL) program. On a rainy night late last month, Jeewa Mendis treated us to the videos and photos she took during a 2-month trip to Sri Lanka [...]

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Showing up at City Hall

by Lynn Ovenden Expo at City Hall with Brenda McCrea and Barbara Riley Backyard Biodiversity was the theme last Friday night (April 11) at City Hall. As part of the City of Ottawa Wildlife Speaker Series, the evening featured talks by two guest speakers. Sarah Kirkpatrick-Wahl from Nature Canada spoke about features that [...]

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Stories from Australia’s waves, caves, and animal graves

by Natalie Sopinka On April 8, OFNC members met for the third time at the new meeting location at the Central Experimental Farm. Murray Citron recited his first-ever published poem (in Trail & Landscape!) which captured all elements of an Ottawa spring: wind, snow and sun. On that note, as spring temperatures rise, so do [...]

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Glimpses of wildlife II – a collection of short videos

by Sandy Garland Collage of some of Jeewa's many photos of local wildlife We see thousands of snow geese take off from a field near Winchester, a stunning scarlet tanager calling to a rival from the top of a spruce tree, a nest of baby blackbirds developing to fledgling size, a pair of trumpeter [...]

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Wildlife tracks and signs

by Christine Hanrahan Identifying tracks is a good way to discover who is living in a particular woodland, field, or along a water body. Tracks in mud, sand, and snow also tell stories. You can see where animals, and sometimes birds, have interacted, perhaps to the misfortune of one of them. If you follow [...]

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