The Ottawa Field-Naturalists’ Club is a volunteer, non-profit organization. The club’s operations are overseen by a board made up of elected members and the chairs of the various committees. The board meets once a month. Individual activities are undertaken by club members participating in committees. Every year, the activities of the committees are summarized in an annual report.

Annual reports: 2019  2018    2017   2016    2015    2014    2013    2012

2020/21 Members of the Board


  • President — Diane Lepage
  • First vice-president (and Ontario Nature representative) — Jakob Mueller
  • Second vice-president — Owen Clarkin
  • Treasurer — Ann MacKenzie
  • Recording secretary — Elizabeth Moore
  • Past-president — Fenja Brodo

Committee representatives

Ex officio members

Members at large

  • Catherine Hessian
  • Bev McBride
  • Diane Holmes