Ottawa Mycological Society hosts OFNC for fungi science

by Robert Courteau, president of the Ottawa Mycological Society It was a glorious sunny day on Saturday, September 24th when members of the Ottawa Mycological Society and of the Ottawa Field Naturalists’ Club came together at MacSkimming Outdoor Education Centre to contribute observations to the Great North American FungiQuest. MacSkimming Outdoor Education Centre, just outside [...]

2022-10-03T14:35:26-04:00October 3rd, 2022|OFNC event|

Mushrooms of MacSkimming

By Julia Cipriani Mushrooms collected in the forest, photographed by the MacSkimming Centre team On Saturday, October 1, well over 110 people met at MacSkimming Outdoor Education Centre to participate in the MacSkimming open trails event. There were members of the general public, of OFNC, and of les Mycologues amateurs de l’Outaouais (MAO). The [...]

2016-10-21T00:24:13-04:00October 21st, 2016|OFNC event|

Marvy MacSkimming mushrooms

by Lynn Ovenden The Ottawa-Carleton school board's MacSkimming Outdoor Education Centre is a wonderful place just west of Rockland, with marshy shoreline along the Ottawa River, old meadows and ponds on the nearshore slopes, and a mature, upland mixed forest with lots of hemlock and beech. Once a year, staff invite the general public to [...]

2015-10-16T00:30:50-04:00October 16th, 2015|OFNC event|

Mushrooms of MacSkimming

By Jessica Sutton Jessica Sutton is a 2nd-year University of Ottawa student in Environmental Studies and Biology. This fall, Jessica is volunteering with the OFNC through the Community Service Learning (CSL) program. On October 4, 2014, I attended the Mushrooms of MacSkimming event at the MacSkimming Outdoor Education Centre. MacSkimming Outdoor Education Centre opened in 1967 as [...]

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