Each year, the Awards Committee manages a process for nominating, selecting and awarding a handful of persons for the OFNC’s awards.

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The Birds Committee coordinates and encourages birding related activities both within and outside the Club with Ottawa’s rich and varied birding community. On a continuing basis, volunteers conduct bird study sessions, manage four winter feeding stations, organize bird counts, maintain records of unusual sightings, and produce the Ottawa bird checklist. The committee has a relatively large membership and is constantly seeking new participants.

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The Conservation Committee is alert to human influences that are damaging to the natural environment and advises OFNC members and the executive about what actions we can take, both as individuals and collectively. In addition to local issues, OFNC supports conservation efforts on a broader scale through affiliation with organizations such as Ontario Nature and Nature Canada.

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Education and Publicity

The Education and Publicity Committee informs the community about natural history and OFNC’s resources, considers educational initiatives, provides trip leaders and speakers as requested by outside groups, and coordinates the sale of club materials.

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The Events Committee plans an extensive program of monthly meetings, workshops, day trips, and longer excursions for the education and interest of our members.

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The Finance Committee prepares the annual budget for OFNC, promotes fiscal responsibility, maintains the club’s financial reporting systems, and responds to financial issues raised by the board.

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Fletcher Wildlife Garden

The FWG Management Committee develops and manages the garden as a way to demonstrate to residents of the Ottawa area how to create or restore wildlife‐friendly habitat and gardens, emphasizing the use of plants native to this region.

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Macoun Field Club

Macoun Field Club Committee manages this nature club for kids ages 8–18. The Macoun Field Club opens the eyes of young people to nature’s intricate world — from the tallest tree right down to the tiniest pond mite. The committee develops the program of activities for the club and maintains safety and conduct guidelines for its meetings and field trips.

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The Membership Committee maintains an up-to-date record of members of the club.

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The Publications Committee (terms of reference) manages the OFNC’s two primary publications and occasional publications on the natural history and environment of the national capital region. An editor is appointed for each OFNC publication (committee terms of reference).

  • The Canadian Field-Naturalist, a quarterly journal devoted to reporting scientific research in all fields of natural history relevant to Canada
  • Trail & Landscape, a quarterly newsletter for club members, containing articles on the natural history of the Ottawa Valley and giving details of club activities.

The Research Grants Program Subcommittee is a subcommittee of the Publications Committee and the Conservation Committee, responsible for reviewing research proposals, recommending grants, and reviewing project reports (subcommittee terms of reference).

Safe Wings Ottawa

The Safe Wings Committee works to reduce bird mortality from window collisions through research, prevention, and rescue.

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