Publications available online

  • Lichens and Lichenicolous Fungi of the Ottawa Region, revised February 28, 2021 – download PDF. This revised list of the lichens of the Ottawa Region is an up-date of the list presented in the OFNC-produced Lichens of the Ottawa Region. Second Edition (Brodo, 1988). Over 150 additional species, including lichen parasites, and more than 100 name changes are included in the list. To help those who are users of the 1988 book, a complete list of name changes (“synonyms”) is presented following the checklist. 
  • Alfred Bog: a conservation success story (2008 booklet) – download in single-sided pages or booklet format
  • A Checklist of the Dragonflies and Damselflies of Ottawa-Gatineau (2008 Update) from T&L 42(3) and New Species Additions to the Ottawa‐Gatineau Odonate Checklist from T&L 51(4) – download PDF

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