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The plight of the bumble bee

by John Davidson Tricoloured Bumblebee at work in the FWG's Butterfly Meadow Punch “bees” into your search engine and, within seconds, you'll get a screenful of headlines, something like this: Why are bees dying? Plant flowers to help declining bee populations Could pesticides be limiting the ability of bees to reproduce? We are [...]

2018-01-03T00:42:04-05:00February 10th, 2017|Fletcher Wildlife Garden|

Another double header – two gardens in one day

by Sandy Garland Tuesday must be a good gardening day. Actually, it was the weather that dictated planting the new garden beds at the Horticulture Building at Lansdowne on Tuesday morning - cloudy with showers expected in the evening. Lynn Armstrong, who is designing a series of raised beds there, asked if the FWG would [...]

2018-01-02T19:00:27-05:00July 15th, 2015|Fletcher Wildlife Garden|

Bee boxes, houses, condos and hotels…

by Christine Hanrahan Our Insect Hotel, photographed by Aroop Ghosh This is a simple overview of various types of accommodations for bees. I won’t be providing instructions for building bee boxes, but I do provide a reference below for the best all-round source for creating different types of bee houses. Much media attention [...]

2018-01-26T18:07:49-05:00April 12th, 2013|Fletcher Wildlife Garden|