Birders find a warbler in the bleak mid-winter!

By Gregory Zbitnew; photos by participant Suzanne Hawkins (Editor’s note: Gregory submitted his text long ago, just after the trip; as did Suzanne submit the photos. It’s all my fault that it’s being posted so late. Thank you very much to Gregory and Suzanne! BM) The third annual “birding in the bleak midwinter” field trip [...]

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Gatineau park outing

by Sophie Roy On May 20, 21 birders enjoyed the bird life of Gatineau Park, with leaders Justin Peter and yours truly. Photo by Norbert Haché The group started the day off well with two Black-Billed Cuckoos calling at the meeting point, at P8. After birding the parking lot we headed to the nearby [...]

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Birds in Africa and North America (Mar. 25, 2017)

We started with some exotic birds. Rob Alvo had recently made a birding tour of southern Africa, hitting as many different ecosystems as possible. Surprisingly, we recognized many of the birds, which we ourselves had never seen: weavers, owls, ostriches, and African penguins. Rob asked thought provoking questions that led into issues of conservation. Then, [...]

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Birds of the Galapagos

Blue-footed Booby showing those namesake feet! Photo by Justin Peter by Marissa Carroll Justin Peter, director of programs and senior naturalist for Quest Nature Tours and vice-president of the Toronto Ornithological Club, brought his extensive knowledge of fascinating Galapagos birds to the Ottawa Field-Naturalist Club’s monthly meeting this past Tuesday. Host to unique [...]

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The importance of snags and downed logs to wildlife

by Christine Hanrahan Snags are standing dead trees. They are also known as den or cavity trees and increasingly as wildlife trees. (photo by Christine Hanrahan) Walking through our local forests and along trails at the city's edge, your eye may be caught by the stark form of a standing dead tree or by [...]

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Late fall birding

by Richard Singhroy Richard Singhroy is a student at the University of Ottawa. As part of the university's Community Service Learning program, he has volunteered to report on several OFNC outings and meetings. On Sunday, November 1 at 8 am, a group of Ottawa Field-Naturalist Club members met at Andrew Haydon Park to do some [...]

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Rollers, nibblers, and spit

by Sandy Garland This Red Osier Dogwood is probably over 15 years old. I remember when this Red Osier Dogwood (Cornus stolonifera) shrub was just a tiny thing at the edge of the path. It sent out roots - one of them sticking out so that we'd trip over it every now and [...]

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Migrants at Parc national de Plaisance

by Rachelle Lapensee with photos by Sandra Dashney and Arlene Harold Virgina Rail photographed by Sandra Dashney This park includes the largest wetlands in the Ottawa area, and the trip was timed to coincide with the end of spring waterfowl migration. What a fantastic and successful birding trip to PARC NATIONAL DE PLAISANCE [...]

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Laid Back Birding

by Bev McBride The Laid Back Birding event at Mud Lake went well this morning. About 15 people tolerated the cold wind to follow me around the trails (with Dave Moore bringing up the rear). We encountered 34 species in a good mix of spring migrants, winter visitors, and year-round residents. Migrants included Yellow-bellied Sapsucker, [...]

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The Ottawa Field-Naturalists’ Birds Committee

By Claire Elliott The 2014-2015 OFNC Birds Committee. Every month a dedicated group of OFNC bird enthusiasts meet at the Fletcher Wildlife Garden to discuss bird-related news in the Ottawa region and to plan bird-related events and conservation initiatives. If you have participated in a bird-related OFNC event, visited a bird feeder located [...]

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