Christmas Bird Count Season is Approaching

The Ottawa-Gatineau Christmas Bird Count will be held on December 18,2022.  If you wish to participate, contact Bernie Ladouceur at vbladouceur[at] or 613-829-2473 for Ottawa or Daniel Toussaint at danieltoussaint[at] for Gatineau. For other nearby Christmas Counts check out Christmas Bird Count Calendar 2022-23 There are plenty of opportunities to participate in nearby Quebec Counts [...]

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Alan Wormington Memorial Camp for Teen Birders and Naturalists.

Please note that the deadline for response for this opportunity has been moved to June 7 from June 10.  We apologize for the inconvenience.   THE OTTAWA FIELD-NATURALISTS' CLUB (OFNC) IS PROUD TO ANNOUNCE THAT IT WILL SUBSIDIZE ($800) ONE OTTAWA-GATINEAU AREA YOUTH TO ATTEND THE Allan Wormington Memorial Camp for Teen Birders and Naturalists. [...]

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Updated Birder Resources

In January, we highlighted the work of Greg Zbitnew in updating the Rare Bird Records for the OFNC study area.  If you missed it, you find the document at Rare Bird Detailed Records in the OFNC Study Area Greg continues to work diligently to keep our birding knowledge up to date.  You might want to [...]

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A New Year in Birding

Are you starting a new year list?  Check out this useful guide to carry you through to March.  The full document can be found at OFNC Study Area finding guide for January to March

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Rare Bird Reports

This spring, Ottawa was visited by a number of rare birds.  Do you ever wonder about what rare birds have been seen over the years?   Rare Bird Detailed Records covering the OFNC Study area ( 50 Km radius of the Peace Tower, Ottawa) was last updated on October 31, 2020 and the information is [...]

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Where to Go Birding in Ottawa

Spring birding is underway.  This guide to birding in Ottawa is now updated and can be reviewed at Where to Go Birding. Comments and suggestions are welcome. Please keep in mind that during the COVID-19 pandemic, all Ontario birders should be taking extra precautions and following local, provincial, and federal regulations regarding physical distancing [...]

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OFNC Urges Deferring the Inclusion of Tewin in Ottawa’s Urban Boundary Expansion

For Immediate Release - February 9, 2021 Ottawa, ON – The Ottawa Field-Naturalists’ Club (OFNC) is urging the City of Ottawa to defer including the proposed Tewin development in the expanded urban boundary, pending further study. On January 26th, a joint committee of Ottawa city council recommended that a 445-hectare parcel southeast of the city [...]

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