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Transit Explorer Series (Dominion) trip a success!

Beachcombing at Westboro Beach: what plant does this come from? by Bev McBride A small but appreciative crowd of two, including the leader, had a great, nature-focussed trek around the general area accessible from the Dominion Transitway station. We both arrived by bus. It was supposed to be pouring rain, but we had none. There were some fine puddles, however, so we made good use of our rubber boots. We walked eastward from the station, beyond Westboro Beach, then crossed [...]

Shelving polypore fungi workshop

On April 6th, Joan Heyding and Lynn Ovenden showed photos and passed around dried specimens of polypore fungi. We looked at characters such as the size and shape of the fruiting body and its pores, which are useful for telling species apart. We told stories about woodpeckers and some insects who live intimately with wood rot... beetles, fungus gnats and fungus moths. We moaned a bit about keeping up with current taxonomy when we identify specimens using older field guides. There were [...]

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100th Ottawa-Gatineau Christmas Bird Count Results are in

The 100th Ottawa-Gatineau Christmas Bird Count (CBC) was held on Sunday, Decembe 16, 2018.  145 field observers in 73 parties, plus 33 feeder watchers found 75 species and counted 26,056 individual birds. Check out the full report Final report of the 100th Ottawa-Gatineau CBC

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Wildlife in Japan with Roy John – postscript

by Jakob Mueller On 12 March 2019, Roy John presented an excellent talk on wildlife in Japan to the OFNC monthly meeting. Those of you who attended will remember that the projector was acting up, and was unable to properly display anything with red pigments. Those of you who missed this talk are in luck - you can see a sample of Roy's images below. Unfortunately you will have to imagine the descriptions, anecdotes and jokes that accompanied them. (If [...]

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Stand up for species at risk

from the Conservation Committee of the OFNC The question is simple really. Do you care about species at risk? Do you care about Barn Swallows, Blanding’s Turtles, Eastern Whip-poor-wills, or Monarch Butterflies? If you care about these species and the other 200 species at risk in Ontario, then it is time to stand up for them. The government of Ontario is currently reviewing the Endangered Species Act (ESA), the legislation that provides protection for species at risk and their habitat. [...]

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OFNC Point Pelee Bus Excursion – May 9-13, 2019

Update: As of now, the trip is full! Thank you for your interest. OFNC Point Pelee Bus Excursion - May 9-13, 2019 The Events Committee is pleased to announce that the Point Pelee Bus Excursion will be returning in 2019. This page will be kept updated with any new information as it becomes available. The primary feedback from previous trips is that it was too short. This year, we have extended it by a day. The trip will run for five [...]

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Birding in bleak mid-winter

Report on the 26 January 2019 field trip along the Rideau River by Gregory Zbitnew Nine participants enjoyed a pleasantly bleak mid-winter morning near Hurdman, the Adawe Bridge, and Billings Bridge. Conditions were actually almost pleasant, or at any rate only slightly uncomfortable, with average temperatures, little wind, and a bit of sun. We saw 15 species at the three stops. Unfortunately recent severe cold diminished the open water and may have been a factor in the absence of the BARROW’S GOLDENEYE, [...]

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Proposed cormorant hunt: what to know and what to do

by Jakob Mueller, OFNC Vice President The Ontario government is considering a proposal to establish a hunting season on the Double-crested Cormorant. The details and potential effects of this proposal are a serious cause for concern. If enacted, the law will set responsible conservation back in Ontario and cause ecological harm that will take decades to reverse. The OFNC has posted an official objection to this. However, the OFNC is also asking its members and all concerned citizens to post [...]

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Keep our environment commissioner

The OFNC has signed an Ontario Nature letter to Premier Ford protesting elimination of the role of environment commissioner. by Sandy Garland Ontario Nature (ON) is rallying its members (including the OFNC) to express concern over the move to eliminate the office of the Environmental Commissioner of Ontario (ECO). OFNC President Diane Lepage has signed ON's letter to Premier Ford on the club's behalf. As an individual, please also consider signing ON's petition here -  We, the people, are for the [...]

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