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Mailing address

Ottawa Field-Naturalists’ Club
Box 35069 Westgate PO
Ottawa ON  K1Z 1A2

Email: ofnc [at]

Privacy Policy

Membership information, report change of address

Henry Steger (chair): membership [at]
Membership application form

Register for an OFNC event or outing

Jacob Mueller (chair): ofnc [at]

Education and Publicity

Gordon Robertson (chair): education [at]

Safe Wings Ottawa

Anouk Hoedeman (chair): 613-216-8999

info [at]

For more information:

Birds Committee

Bob Cermak (chair): birds [at]

Bird Study Group: birdstudy [at]

Help with bird identification: identifications [at]

Report bird sighting: sightings [at]

Report rare bird sighting: rarebirds [at]

The Canadian Field-Naturalist

Business Manager
The Canadian Field-Naturalist
Box 35069 Westgate PO
Ottawa ON  Canada K1Z 1A2

Eleanor Zurbrigg: subscriptions [at]

Manuscript submission
Dwayne Lepitzki (editor): editor [at]

Trail & Landscape

Annie Belair (editor): tandl [at]

Manuscript submission: tandl [at]

Conservation Committee

Owen Clarkin (chair): conservation [at]

Fletcher Wildlife Garden

Telephone: 613 234-6767 (answering machine)
Email: fletcher [at]

Macoun Club

Rob Lee (coordinator): Macoun [at]