Grasshopper outing contributes to Constance Bay Biothon

by P.M. Catling and B. Kostiuk This article appeared originally in the fall 2015 issue of Trail & Landscape Figure 1. Part of the grasshopper study group with the habitat of regionally rare Boll’s grasshopper in the foreground, 27 Sept. 2014. Photo by B. Kostiuk. On Saturday, 27 September 2014, twenty OFNC members [...]

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Butterfly Hunting in the National Capital Region

By Richard Singhroy Richard Singhroy is a 2nd-year environmental studies student at the University of Ottawa. This fall, he is volunteering with the OFNC through the Community Service Learning program. Presenter Rick Cavasin On Tuesday, October 13, at the Central Experimental Farm's K.W. Neatby Building, 960 Carling Avenue, Rick Cavasin gave an in-depth presentation [...]

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Rollers, nibblers, and spit

by Sandy Garland This Red Osier Dogwood is probably over 15 years old. I remember when this Red Osier Dogwood (Cornus stolonifera) shrub was just a tiny thing at the edge of the path. It sent out roots - one of them sticking out so that we'd trip over it every now and [...]

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Second annual OFNC members’ photo night

By Claire Elliott and Barry Cottam Snapping Turtle by Josh McCullough On Saturday evening, January 17, Barry Cottam and Hume Douglas hosted the second annual OFNC Member’s Photo Night. To accommodate the growing popularity of this event, the meeting was held at the Central Experimental Farm's Neatby Building, the location of the OFNC [...]

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Member profile – Diane Lepage

by Julia Cipriani Members of the Ottawa Field-Naturalists’ Club are as diverse as the taxa they study: from birders to botanists, highschool students to university professors, backyard garden admirers to conservation officers. The OFNC blog features profiles of members to showcase the incredible array of natural history enthusiasts. Whether you’ve just joined or are a lifetime member, [...]

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Insect Workshop at FWG Interpretive Centre

The first Sunday of November, I had the pleasure of attending an insect workshop at the Fletcher Wildlife Interpretive Centre hosted by no other than the President of the OFNC, Fenja Brodo. Each participant had access to a microscope, an array of insect specimen samples, as well as the opportunity to ask questions that our [...]

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Pink lady’s slippers and dune tour

by Sandy Garland Today (1 June 2014), OFNC members were treated to a tour of an Ottawa gem: the Pinhey sand dunes. According to Biodiversity Conservancy International's (BCI) web site, the complex "has survived over 10,000 years since the last ice age. This unique ecosystem is home to a number of plant and animal species [...]

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Flower flies!

Written on the fly by Lynn Ovenden The OFNC monthly meeting on Tuesday (February 11) last week was a big one, actually a joint meeting with the Ottawa Entomology Club. There were well over 100 of us in the salons of the Neatby Building (our new meeting location) buzzing with news and renewed acquaintances. Murray [...]

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In case you missed it: 1st Annual Bug Day

By Jeff Skevington, foreword by Natalie Sopinka Whether it's beetles, butterflies or bees, "bugs" are in the news. Invasive southern pine beetles are wreaking havoc on New Jersey’s pine trees, as the world warms butterflies are emerging earlier, and a parasitic fly may be changing honey bees into "zombees." In local news, on September 7 this year, the [...]

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