The importance of snags and downed logs to wildlife

by Christine Hanrahan Snags are standing dead trees. They are also known as den or cavity trees and increasingly as wildlife trees. (photo by Christine Hanrahan) Walking through our local forests and along trails at the city's edge, your eye may be caught by the stark form of a standing dead tree or by [...]

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Build a “home” for mason bees

In 2015, we learned how to build simple mason bee boxes out of recycled materials. Unlike many “gadgets” purported to help wildlife, these actually work. Mason bees laid eggs in the paper tunnels we made for them, the eggs hatched and completed the life cycle, and the progeny are busily pollinating our fruit trees right [...]

2018-04-20T01:12:24-04:00May 15th, 2016|Conservation how to|

Brush piles: improving backyard habitat

This is the first in a series of suggestions from the Conservation Committee for things you can do around your home in aid of wildlife and conservation. Some will be published in the next few issues of Trail & Landscape, but others will appear only as blog posts under the category “Conservation how to” - [...]

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