Trail & Landscape (T&L) is the OFNC’s regional publication. Four issues per year are produced. In addition to club news and business, Trail & Landscape contains reports of interesting field trips and observations, articles on the natural history of the Ottawa Valley and surrounding region, and more.

Printed copies are free to members, mailed quarterly.

Single printed copies of T&L, Volume 51(3) onwards: $6 each, plus postage if mailed.
Single printed copies of T&L, up to Volume 51(2): free, plus postage if mailed.

Editor: Annie Bélair

Submitting articles for Trail & Landscape

Have you been on an interesting field trip or made some unusual observations? Write up your thoughts and send them to Trail & Landscape.


  • Material for the January-March issue must be in the editor’s hands by November 1.
  • Material for the April-June issue must be in the editor’s hands by February 1.
  • Material for the July-September issue must be in the editor’s hands by May 1.
  • Material for the October-December issue must be in the editor’s hands by August 1.

Email your manuscripts to: Annie Bélair, editor

Advertising in Trail & Landscape

The OFNC will accept advertisements in Trail & Landscape for products and services that are directly related to the activities and mandate of the club.

Rates and specifications; 15% discount if the principal owner of the business is a member of the OFNC.

Contact: Annie Bélair, editor

Online Access

Volume 51 (2017) onwards: Read online!

Volume 1 (1967) onwards: The OFNC, in partnership with the Canadian Museum of Nature, is working on having the complete set of Trail & Landscape accessible from the Biodiversity Heritage Library.

Articles of special interest

Available: Hard copies of T&L issues and sets with articles of special interest

Sets: free; shipping fee if mailed.

Individual issues: free; shipping fee if mailed.