Birding in the south end

Grasshopper Sparrow seen on a recent OFNC field trip to the open area south of Ottawa airport by Heather Oake Pickard I attended the excellent OFNC event held yesterday (May 28) in the fields near the airport - a guided birding trip for rare sparrows and other local birds. Many thanks to trip [...]

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Staying connected from Algonquin to the Adirondacks

By Natalie Sopinka with geologic descriptions by Ken Buchan Larose Forest guide now on sale! At the club's second last meeting before summer, Linda Burr (Education & Publicity Committee) unveiled the OFNC's first bilingual publication The Larose Forest, a Naturalist's Guide. On sale now for $4, the guide includes a description of the forest's history [...]

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“For a swift return” – campaign to rebuild chimney a success

by Sandy Garland, based on notes from the campaign blog The chimney swifts are back, and they're moving right in to their new roosting site in Shawville, Quebec! In summer 2013, the West Quebec School Board hired contractors to shorten and cap a now-unused tall chimney on McDowell school in Shawville. What they didn't know [...]

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Getting started in birding

Sharp-shinned Hawk by Christine Hanrahan So you want to be a birdwatcher, but you just don't know where to begin? And the thought of trying to distinguish a nighthawk from a nuthatch reduces you to despair? Don't worry, help is at hand! The following information will provide you with everything (well, almost everything) [...]

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