1. What does a membership include?

Included in a membership are monthly lectures, field trips and a subscription to Trail & Landscape (the club’s quarterly print magazine). You also receive free online access (requires email address) to the Canadian Field-Naturalist scientific journal. Or you can subscribe below to receive the print edition.

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9. How long are the field trips? What do I wear? Who can attend?

The information for all field trips is contained within the announcement. Further information might be available on our website or the Facebook Group. If so, this will be mentioned in the announcement. If registration is necessary, a contact name will be provided. Carpools are not managed by the club, but are encouraged. As for what [...]

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4. How can I pay for my membership?

The easiest way to pay your membership is through the OFNC website when you fill out your membership information. It will redirect you to PayPal where you can either use your own PayPal account or you can just pay with your own credit card. That is a very safe and efficient method. Alternatively, you may [...]

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7. Who do I email about my change of email or postal address?

Thank you for checking this out! We want you to get our monthly activity emails and our quarterly Trail & Landscape magazine. Please email us at ofnc.members@gmail.com with “COA” (change of address) in the subject heading. Please include your full name and phone number in the message body along with the new email or postal [...]

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5. How long does it take to process my membership application?

If you are a new member, welcome! You will be pleased to know that your membership is created by a real live person. This person is a volunteer. Your membership payment receipt will arrive promptly. Your “Welcome to the OFNC” email package will arrive within a few days. If you are a renewing member, thank [...]

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