For kids keenly interested in the natural world…


Photo of Macoun Club members approaching a beaver pond

Macoun Club group arriving at an abandoned beaver pond

This group is for children and young people 8 to 18 years old (grades 4 to 12).

Activities take place on Saturdays during the school year.

We accept new members at any time.

It is free.


Normally, you (or you with your child, if you are a parent) need only show up at a meeting and one of the leaders would look after you. For two years (March 2020 to June  2022) we have had only field trips, owing to the covid-related risks and restrictions of indoor meetings. Check the schedule to see when we’re doing something and call one of the leaders:

  • Rob Lee, at 613-623-8123 (day or evening)
  • Barbara Gaertner, at 613-256-4402

Each child will be asked to fill in a Registration Form, and their parent, a field-trip waiver and COVID-19 consent form. Parents are welcome to sit in on meetings and tag along on field trips.

Fairly regular attendance is helpful, but we know what times are like and can adapt to irregular family schedules. There are no fees, but most people find it most convenient to get to our field trip and meeting places by car. Informal car pooling is again possible.

We offer downloadable PDFs of our registration form and field-trip waiver form.

John Macoun was Canada’s first Dominion Naturalist, more than 100 years ago. Here is how his name is pronounced:



Photo of John Macoun examining bird nest

John Macoun examining bird nest

A fellow once joined the Macoun

And soon grew to fame and reknown

For his scrapbooks and stuff

Were more than enough

To gain him a place on the crown

by Macoun member Anne Tennant, 1967

Revised by Rob Lee on July 20, 2013.