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What the Macoun Field Club is all about

This group is for kids — children and teenagers — who are really, really interested in nature.

The Macoun Field Club was established in 1948 and carries on under the continuing sponsorship of the Ottawa Field-Naturalists’ Club (OFNC).

Ages range from 8 to 16 years

Adult leadership is provided by the OFNC

Activities are on Saturdays during the school year

It is free — membership is defined by participation


Why “Macoun”?

(Note: “Macoun” rhymes with “crown.”)

The club is named for John Macoun, Canada’s first “Dominion Naturalist,” of the late 1800s


What are indoor meetings like?

We always begin by sharing our “Observations”


Members become aquainted with all facets of the natural world

Expert speakers present their research experience

Questions and answers fly back and forth


What are field trips like?

We get out to the wild places by car (car-pooling as needed)


The Macoun Club has been going to two favourite places for more than 45 years


In Stony Swamp we explore our Nature Study Area


At Pakenham, we learn how to become comfortable in the outdoors


Macoun members who take part in everything can graduate with a diverse education and a thousand hours of field time with experienced naturalists.