This award commemorates George McGee, who for more than three decades actively devoted much of his spare time to teaching people about birds and natural history through his talks and numerous outings. The award recognizes a member (or members) who has (have) contributed significantly to the smooth running of the club over several years.

2022 Chris Traynor In recognition of 25+ years of dedicated service with the Birds Committee and its sub-committees. See citation
2021 Jeff Saarela For leadership on the OFNC research grant program and publications modernization. See citation
2019 Barry Cottam For contributions in many areas of the Club including The Canadian Field-Naturalist and Fletcher Wildlife Garden. See citation
2018 Henry Steger For managing the club’s membership program and long service with the Fletcher Wildlife Garden. See citation
2017 Julia Cipriani For dedicated service on Events Committee and other areas of Club activity. See citation
2016 Sandra Garland For long and dedicated service to the Club and its Fletcher Wildlife Garden project. See citation
2015 Roy John For 12 years’ service as the Book Review Editor for The Canadian Field-Naturalist, leading Pelee trips and bird walks. See citation
2014 Elizabeth Morton For 12 years’ dedicated service as the copy editor for the Canadian Field-Naturalist. See citation
2013 Karen McLachlan Hamilton For over 12 years of dedicated service as editor of Trail & Landscape. See citation
2012 Connie Clark For over 10 years of active service with the Fletcher Wildlife Garden, leading walks for the Club, committee work and writing Trail & Landscape articles. See citation
2011 Ann Prescott For her very valuable service to the Club over many years including publicity and promotion, sales table and Soiree support. See citation
2010 Barbara Gaertner and Diane Kitching For their very valuable service to the Macoun Field Club and, therefore, to the Ottawa Field-Naturalists’ Club. See citation
2009 Gretchen and Tony Denton For their work at the Fletcher Wildlife Garden and dedication to the project for over 12 years. See citation
2008 Phillip Jeffreys In recognition of a member who has contributed significantly to the smooth running of the club over several years. See citations
2007 Louis L’Arrivée For eight years of tirelessly coordinating the the important job of mailing out Trail & Landscape four times a year. See citation
2006 Christina Lewis For remarkable contributions, both in terms of service to the club and to the furthering of our knowledge of natural history in this area. See citations
2005 Christine Hanrahan For exceptional service to the OFNC as regional coordinator of the Ontario Breeding Bird Atlas, extensive contributions to the Fletcher Wildlife Garden, representing the OFNC on the Wildlife Festival Committee, service on the Conservation Committee, and work toward the conservation of Petrie Island and Larose Forest. See citation
2004 Martha Camfield For extraordinary service over many, many years as a dedicated volunteer with the Macoun Field Club. See citation
2003 Colin Bowen For exceptional service to the Birds Committee and birding community, including preparation of the OFNC birding site guide, bird count results, etc.
2002 David Hobden For his participation in the Conservation Committee and his enthusiastic, productive work on the Fletcher Wildlife Garden Committee over several years
2001 Fenja Brodo For her 10 years of service as an outstanding editor of Trail & Landscape
2000 Philip Martin For capable leadership in many facets of the OFNC, particularly the Conservation Committee
1999 Betty Campbell For many years of active OFNC work in numerous roles including photo librarian, Chair of Education and Publicity Committee, team player at FWG
1997 Bernie Ladouceur For many years of leading walks, writing T&L articles and contributing in other ways to OFNC
1996 Monty Brigham For long years of club service, leading outings and workshops
1994 Ron Bedford For contributions to many facets of club activities, especially 14 years as chair of the Publications Committee
1993 Bill Holland Awarded posthumously in recognition of long years of work for the club
1992 Patricia Narraway For long-term service to the OFNC including setting up the membership computer program
1991 Bill Gummer For being associate editor of Trail & Landscape, past President, chair and member of many committees
1990 Robert Lee For years of work with the Macoun Club
1989 Joyce Reddoch For long service as Trail & Landscape editor and involvement in the Conservation Committee
1988 Lois Cody For maintenance of OFNC financial records since 1968
1987 Gordon Pringle For doing all aspects of Birds Committee work over many years
1986 Dorothy Greene
Marc Guertin
Lisa Meyboom
Jim Montgomery
Harry Thomson
For production of Trail & Landscape
1985 Eileen Evans For performing a variety of activities including organizing many events and excursions
1984 Daniel F. Brunton For major contributions to all facets of club affairs, holding various offices, leading walks, numerous articles in Trail & Landscape
1983 Stephen Darbyshire For leadership in both Macoun Field Club and Awards Committee
1982 William M. Knight For printing of The Shrike and other club items, work on committees
1981 Ellaine M. Dickson For club work over many years