Member profile – Diane Lepage

by Julia Cipriani Members of the Ottawa Field-Naturalists’ Club are as diverse as the taxa they study: from birders to botanists, highschool students to university professors, backyard garden admirers to conservation officers. The OFNC blog features profiles of members to showcase the incredible array of natural history enthusiasts. Whether you’ve just joined or are a lifetime member, [...]

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Let’s talk about Lepidoptera – National Moth Week

By Natalie Sopinka Catoptilia stigmatella. Photo: Suzanne Deschenes The OFNC and its members are quite fond of moths - leading excursions to locate moths in Larose Forest, keeping track of moths in the Fletcher Wildlife Garden, showcasing the diversity and beauty of this butterfly relative via numerous photographs, and simply observing nightly visitors to porch lights. [...]

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Mad about mothing – the OTHER winged beauty

by Diane Lepage, FWG Butterfly Meadow coordinator Macaria promiscuata – Promiscuous Angle Moth. Photo by Diane Lepage. Moths are very interesting creatures that are worth paying attention to. My interest for those beautiful and sometimes oddly shaped moths started in my early adulthood, and increased when I got my first digital camera. It [...]

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