Christine’s walks: mid-September 2013

by Christine Hanrahan Where DOES the time go? Here it is, past the mid-way point in September, on the downslide to October. That autumn feeling is really seeping in with the colour changes in the leaves, the business of birds fuelling up for journeys south, and bees nectaring like mad on the dwindling supply of [...]

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Christine’s walks: mid-August 2013

by Christine Hanrahan Mid-afternoon at the Fletcher Wildlife Garden, August 14th. A sunny and pleasant afternoon to be looking for things to photograph for the PBase Blog. My first sighting was of the Sphex ichneumoneus, the Great Golden Digger as it is sometimes called, nectaring on swamp milkweed. Its counterpart, the Great Black Digger, S. [...]

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Christine’s walks: 6 August 2013

Ruby-throated Hummingbird nectaring at cardinal flowers by Christine Hanrahan You can certainly see that summer is pushing on. Goldenrod is blooming, New England Asters are starting to flower, Evening Primroses are finishing up, Solanum is fruiting, many grasses are in seed - food for wildlife is abundant. Families of Grey Catbirds, Red-eyed Vireos, [...]

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Christine’s walks: early July 2013

by Christine Hanrahan Despite coolish temperatures and grey skies, there was much to see at the garden today. House Wrens busy feeding young Birds are VERY active feeding their young. I watched a pair of house wrens constantly carrying food to their nest. Meanwhile, a male Common Yellowthroat sounded the alert when I [...]

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Christine’s walks: 4 June 2013

by Christine Hanrahan Tuesday afternoon at the garden, June 4th, and a lovely day to be wandering through the FWG. Mating pair of silvery blue butterflies Silvery blue butterflies were fluttering around in many locations, including this mating pair near the new woods. Common ringlets were indeed common that day but hard to [...]

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Christine’s walks: mid-May 2013

by Christine Hanrahan Black Walnut in bloom It was a blustery, coolish day at the garden, but as always, there was much to see. Starting with birds, the kestrels were flying around the barn, a green heron flew to the pond, red-winged blackbirds, tree swallows, chickadees, yellow warblers, song sparrows, one lone white-crowned [...]

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Discovering plant galls formed by insects

by Christine Hanrahan Gall: “An abnormal growth of plant tissue produced by a stimulus external to the plant itself.”  - S.W. Frost in Insect Life Galls are common formations on plants, usually caused by insects (but sometimes by a fungus or some other non-insect life form). Galls can form on roots, stems and twigs, leaves, [...]

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Christine’s walks: insects in late October

by Christine Hanrahan The end of summer signals also the end of insect life – or does it? While summer is the peak season for insect activity, warmish days in late October can be surprisingly good for finding a variety of bugs, bees, beetles, flies and other creatures, including spiders. Over a period of two [...]

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Mad about mothing – the OTHER winged beauty

by Diane Lepage, FWG Butterfly Meadow coordinator Macaria promiscuata – Promiscuous Angle Moth. Photo by Diane Lepage. Moths are very interesting creatures that are worth paying attention to. My interest for those beautiful and sometimes oddly shaped moths started in my early adulthood, and increased when I got my first digital camera. It [...]

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