NCC resources and land management: problems and possible solutions

By Bailey Cooke Bailey Cooke is a second-year University of Ottawa student in biology and geology. This winter, Bailey is volunteering with the OFNC through the Community Service Learning program. On Wednesday, February 18, the Ottawa Field-Naturalists’ Club held a workshop at the Fletcher Wildlife Garden to discuss natural history conservation in the Ottawa-Gatineau region. The evening [...]

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Wildlife on vacation – an all inclusive look at Cuba

By Bailey Cooke Bailey Cooke is a 2nd-year University of Ottawa student in biology and geology. This winter, Bailey is volunteering with the OFNC through the Community Service Learning program. Cuban Trogon Tuesday, February 10, the Ottawa Field-Naturalists' Club held their first monthly meeting of 2015 at the Central Experimental Farm’s Neatby Building, situated at 960 [...]

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The taste of salt

Robert Lennox submerged in his study of salmon migration Robert Lennox is a PhD student at Carleton University. He is working on Atlantic salmon migration in Norway in Steve Cooke's lab (more info). He is also an avid naturalist with a special interest in birds. Every winter the first snowfall brings out an [...]

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Second annual OFNC members’ photo night

By Claire Elliott and Barry Cottam Snapping Turtle by Josh McCullough On Saturday evening, January 17, Barry Cottam and Hume Douglas hosted the second annual OFNC Member’s Photo Night. To accommodate the growing popularity of this event, the meeting was held at the Central Experimental Farm's Neatby Building, the location of the OFNC [...]

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F.L.A.P. Ottawa Wing to the rescue

by Sandy Garland Note: Volunteers are needed. Please contact F.L.A.P. at or call 613 216-8999 to find out how you can help. If you find birds who have collided with windows, please get in touch immediately. If a bird hits one of your windows, please report it to F.L.A.P. Migratory birds are literally hitting [...]

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OFNC hosts Ontario birders’ convention in Ottawa

By Linda Burr OFNC member, Mark Patry, and colleague, Manson Fleguel, led Friday's excursion to Westmeath Provincial Park and area. Photo by Mark Brenchley Last weekend, a gathering of some rather exceptional "species" took place in Ottawa. I am referring, of course, to the annual convention of some of this province’s most enthusiastic [...]

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Member profile – Stewart Curry

Members of the Ottawa Field-Naturalists' Club are as diverse as the taxa they study; from birders to botanists, highschool students to university professors, backyard garden admirers to conservation officers. The OFNC blog will be featuring profiles of members to showcase the incredible array of natural history enthusiasts. Whether you've just joined or are a lifetime member, please [...]

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Spring is in the air

By Natalie Sopinka Ever get stumped trying to describe that smell after a misty, spring rain when the grass is dewy and lush? Well that smell has an official term, petrichor. Produced by interactions between plant oils, bacteria, and an organic compound called geosmin, petrichor is the earthy aroma after rain. This spring, as the [...]

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Nature Canada’s Bird Day Fair 2014

By Natalie Sopinka Can you spot the special visitor to the OFNC booth? On Saturday May 31st Nature Canada held its 2nd annual Bird Day Fair at Andrew Haydon Park and members of the OFNC were on hand to celebrate our avian friends. Mark Brenchley, Natalie Sopinka, Julia Cipriani and Anouk Hoedeman manned [...]

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