Article by C.R. HaringtonWhales and Seals of the Champlain Sea
National Museum of Natural Sciences
Trail & Landscape 1981; 15(1): 32-47

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“The Champlain Sea was a major feature of the landscape in eastern North America toward the close of the last glaciation…. At maximum extent, the sea stretched from Quebec City to Brockville, including part of the lower Ottawa River valley and the Lake Champlain valley in New York and Vermont.”

In this 15-page article, Dr Harington describes what the sea would have looked like in its “heyday,” then goes on to list and discuss the various species of whales and seals known from the fossil record in this region. Maps show the extent of the sea as well as the location of whale and seal remains in its sediments. The article is illustrated with drawings by Bonnie Dalzell and Betty Osborne.