Articles by Ross A. Layberry, J. Donald Lafontaine, and Peter W. Hall plus updates by the authors and other contributors

Trail & Landscape 1982; 16(1): 3-59
Trail & Landscape 1983; 17(3): 133-138
Trail & Landscape 1984; 18(3): 112-114
Trail & Landscape 1985; 19(3): 132-136
Trail & Landscape 1986; 20(3): 98-101
Trail & Landscape 1987; 21(3): 138-140

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“The Ottawa District has a wide variety of habitats that have attracted a relatively large number of resident and migratory butterfly species. It has also had a large number of butterfly collectors and observers who have, perhaps, given it one of the best reported and recorded butterfly faunas in Canada.”

The 1982 article by the authors of Butterflies of Canada contains a comprehensive list of the 94 species of the region, reporting abundance, habitat, flight season, and larval food plants along with remarks that will help the reader locate and identify the various species. Photographs showing differences between difficult-to-distinguish species supplement the guide. In addition, there is a distribution map for each species showing where it has been recorded within the Ottawa District.

This issue of T&L also contains a checklist of the local butterflies and a chart showing wehn they are likely to be seen. These were later published separately as Checklist of the Butterflies of the Ottawa District.

The 1983 to 1987 issues of T&L listed above contain updates to the original article. New species are added, and noteworthy records are described along with comments on relative abundance and seasonal patterns.