Avens and Agrimonies of the Ottawa DistrictArticles by John M. Gillett
Curator Emeritus, Canadian Museum of Nature
Trail & Landscape 1998; 32(3): 113-121 and 121-125

$2 each, or $6 if mailed

Dr Gillett has provided keys to both the 6 species of avens and the 2 species of agrimony of our region in this single issue of T&L. Both groups belong to the rose family and may be confused as they bear a superficial ressemblance.

The article on Avens includes keys to the plant in flower and in fruit as well as a key to the dry fruits or achenes. Species descriptions follow.

Although the 2 agrimony species of our area are very similar, they can be distinguished quite easily. Drawings of both are included, with details of the stems and hypanthium. About the latter, Dr Gillett remarks, “Wow! Aren’t these complicated things when you look at them closely!”

The articles are illustrated with drawings by Marcel Jomphe.

Note: This issue of T&L also contains “A checklist of the dragonflies and damselflies of Ottawa-Hull” by Robert Bracken and Christina Lewis.