The James Fletcher Award is awarded to the author or authors of the best paper published in a volume of The Canadian Field-Naturalist (CFN), as selected by the CFN editorial team. It is presented by the OFNC Publications Committee and was first established in 2017, starting with Volume 130.


Volume 134: Distribution and status of Howell’s Quillwort (Isoetes howellii, Isoetaceae) in Canada and its relation to Bolander’s Quillwort (Isoetes bolanderi)” by Daniel F. Brunton, Margaret A. Krichbaum, Randall S. Krichbaum, and Paul C. Sokoloff, published in CFN 134(3).

Volume 133: Conspecific cues encourage Barn Swallow (Hirundo rustica erythrogaster) prospecting, but not nesting, at new nesting structures” by Andrew J. Campomizzi, Zoé M. Lebrun-Southcott, and Kristyn Richardson, published in CFN 133(3).

Volume 132, tie:

Volume 131:Diverse Ecological Pathways of Salmon Nutrients Through an Intact Marine-terrestrial Interface” by Thomas E. Reimchen, published in CFN 131(4).

Volume 130: “Distribution and ecology of a new species of water-lily, Nymphaea loriana (Nymphaeaceae), in Western Canada” by Diana Bizecki Robson, John H. Wiersema, C. Barre Hellquist, and Thomas Borsch, published in CFN 130(1).