2014 Heron Rd.: Ivanhoe and Rowena hatch two female chicks and one male. Clover, Clementine and Luìs all fledge successfully.

Downtown: Diana and Janus do not produce chicks.

2013 Heron Rd.: Ivanhoe and Rowena hatch one male chick. Pringle, named in honour of longtime OFNC member Gordon Pringle, who passed away that year, fledges successfully.

Downtown: Diana and her new mate, Janus, incubate eggs but fail to produce chicks.

2012 Downtown: Diana incubates four eggs but, for the third year in a row, none hatch. Connor disappears in late April or early May, and is thought to have perished. A new male shows up during the summer.

Heron Rd.: A new nest has been discovered on Heron Rd. While one chick is found dead shortly after hatching, and another shortly before fledging, two others survive. The adults are named Ivanhoe and Rowena, the young male Data and the young female Amber.

2011 Two eggs. None hatch.

2010 Diana broods more than three months non-stop, first incubating three eggs, then adding another to the clutch after five weeks. None hatch.

2009 Three eggs, two hatch. Nihei (F) and Tailer (M) fledge successfully, but Nihei is found in Quebec in September. She is severely injured and dies.

2008 Three eggs, two hatch. Gatsby (M) and Daisy (F) fledge successfully.

2007 Two eggs, one hatches. Skylar (M) fledges successfully.

2006 New female, Diana, breeds with Connor. Two eggs, one hatches. Odyssey (M) fledges successfully.

2005 Four eggs, two hatch. Littlefoot (M) and Storm (F) initially fledge successfully, but Littlefoot disappears during the fledging period. It is unknown whether he died or got lost and went on migration. Mother Horizon dies following an accident caused by high winds.

2004 Three eggs, two hatch. Zanar (F) and Senator (F) fledge successfully. Zanar nests at the Ogdensburg-Prescott International Bridge beginning in 2010.

2003 Three eggs, one hatches. Solitaire (F) fledges successfully.

2002 Four eggs, one hatches. Summit (F) is joined by Canadian Peregrine Foundation foster chicks Swift (M) and Grisou (M). Summit and Swift fledge successfully; Grisou has health problems and does not survive.

2001 Three eggs, one hatches. Quest (M) is joined by Bailey (M), a foster chick from the Canadian Peregrine Foundation. Both chicks die after they slip from their perch before they are ready to fly, and hit a nearby building.

2000 Four eggs, three hatch. Freedom (M) and Zephyr (M) fledge successfully, but Windracer (M) hits a building and does not survive. Zephyr is found dead of starvation a month later.

1999 Four eggs, none hatch. Three foster chicks from the Canadian Peregrine Foundation, Loft (M), Preston (M) and Jessie (F), fledge successfully.

1998 Horizon gets a new mate, Connor, also of unknown origin. Three eggs, two hatch. Pippin (M) fledges successfully. Jo-Jo (F) dies after flying into the C.D. Howe Building. Ribbons are later installed on the building, a safety precaution that’s now repeated every year.

1997 Two Peregrine Falcons nest at the Citadel Inn, which became the Crowne Plaza and is now the Delta Ottawa City Centre. The female, Horizon, hatched in Montreal in 1996. The male’s origins are unknown. Their single egg hatches. Allison (F) flies into the C.D. Howe Building (240 Sparks St.) and does not survive.