PLEASE NOTE: The web cam has been temporarily disabled due to technical difficulties.  It will be back on line as soon as these issues are resolved

These images are coming from a web cam installed on an Osprey nest platform near Innis Point.  The platform was built in 2009 by volunteers from the Innis Point Bird Observatory (IPBO). In 2013, they entered into an agreement with the OFNC and Nature Canada to fund the web cam and pay for maintenance of the tower and camera. The OFNC agreed to host the video feed in accordance with the three groups’ common goal of “promoting the appreciation of Canada’s natural heritage, showcasing the natural world in the local area and enhancing the public’s knowledge of our respective organizations and their activities.”

IPBO also maintains a Facebook page with still shots from the web cam and commentary by the volunteers.

Note: Because the camera runs off solar panels and a battery, it records only from 0545 to 2100. Outside of those hours it is shut off to conserve power. Pressing the play button during the off hours will result in the spinning icon and then a message that the camera is not available or connected.