13 Apr 2021 7:30 pm

OFNC Monthly Meeting on Zoom

Presenter: Anouk Hoedeman

Glass is a wonderful material that lets sunlight into our homes and workplaces, and can literally give us a window on nature. Unfortunately, it also poses a lethal danger to birds, who do not recognize artificial mirrored or transparent surfaces as solid barriers. The problem is more widespread than most people imagine, but the solutions are also much more accessible and effective than ever. Join Anouk Hoedeman of Safe Wings Ottawa to understand more about why birds collide, and what we can all do to reduce the risks, starting at home. Find out about collision prevention methods that work (and those that don’t), and learn what steps to take if you find an injured bird.

Anouk Hoedeman has committed herself to bird conservation since founding Safe Wings Ottawa in 2014. Along with other dedicated volunteers, she collects data on bird-building collisions, rescues and rehabilitates survivors, and educates people about the causes of and solutions to birds colliding with glass. Anouk’s and Safe Wings’ efforts have greatly expanded local knowledge of the issue and made slow but steady progress in encouraging people to make their homes, workplaces and schools safer for birds.

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