4 Nov 2017 8:00 am

Leaders: Tony Beck & Nina Stavlund
Meet: Petrie Island Causeway, north of the intersection Highway 174 and Trim Road (Orleans). “North” will be to your left if you are driving from Ottawa.

In early November, most of our local agricultural fields have been harvested and cut. This provides open views from the roadside where birds are easily observed as they forage through the stubble. Although many will have already passed through, we’ll still witness much evidence of migration. After a quick check of the Ottawa River for diving ducks, we’ll drive through open country east of Ottawa looking for Sandhill Cranes, various geese, gulls and hawks. We’ll check all flocks of waterfowl for unusual species like Ross’s Goose or Greater White-fronted Goose. Recent late-fall migrations have produced thousands of Greater Snow Geese – an extremely impressive sight. While checking the Snow Geese, we hope to find a mega-rarity; Pink-footed Goose!

This trip will only be cancelled if we have severe weather conditions. Listen to the weather forecast and dress accordingly. The leaders encourage you to carpool as this will help the group to stick together and stay safe along roadways. Bring binoculars and telescopes.

Contact the leaders if you have questions: TonysAlwaysAnAdventure@gmail.com