12 Feb 2019 7:00 pm

Due to poor weather, this event has been moved to March 5th.

OFNC Monthly Meeting

7:00 p.m. Social

7:30 p.m. Formal program

Speaker: Graham Raby

Location: Salon B, K.W. Neatby Building, Central Experimental Farm, 960 Carling Avenue

Animal behaviour is fascinating, amusing, and mysterious, but studying the behaviour of animals in the wild is often a challenge. Observing wild fish behaviour is uniquely challenging because they live out of our view, in a vast underwater world. Fishes, and their behaviours, are incredibly diverse, with over 26,000 species worldwide including over 150 in Ontario. Over the past 10 years, the use of electronic tags that transmit or log data about individual animals has exploded in popularity, allowing scientists to track migratory behaviours and reveal where, when, why, and how fishes move. Nowhere is this truer than in Ontario. Fish tracking studies are allowing us to gain new insights into the natural history of important fishes in the Great Lakes and in smaller inland waters, including those in the Ottawa area. These scientific discoveries about the behaviour of wild fishes are in turn informing conservation and habitat management.

Graham is a post-doctoral research fellow with the Great Lakes Institute for Environmental Research at the University of Windsor but he calls Ottawa home and did his Ph.D. at Carleton University. In this talk, he will share stories about some of the fish tracking research going on in the Great Lakes and in the Ottawa area.