19 Aug 2018 9:00 am

Update! See notes below.

Leader: Derek Dunnett

Meet: Northeast corner of the Bruce Pit parking lot, off Cedarview

Description: “What bird makes that sound? I can never see it!” Every hiker in Southeastern Canada has heard the mysterious call of the Gray Treefrog, but most people will never see one. ┬áBecome someone who has. We will look for tree frogs in a known location, and may look for other frogs or insects as well. These tiny tree dwellers make wonderful macro subjects. The hike (more of a saunter really) will run in sun or light drizzle, but not in a storm. Bring water, sunscreen, a hand lens if you have one, and perhaps insect repellent. There will be ticks, so dress accordingly.

Note 1: The number of young treefrogs appears to be low this year, so there is no guarantee of seeing one. Derek will do his best, but please do not be disappointed if the frogs do not cooperate.

Note 2: If you wear insect repellant, please do not handle frogs or other amphibians. They are very sensitive to any chemical exposure, and contact with DEET can be fatal.