7 Jul 2018 8:30 am - 4:30 pm

*Especially Kid Friendly*
Leaders: Ken Allison and Diane Lepage
Meet: in the carpool parking lot at the intersection of Dwyer Hill Road and March Road (NE of Almonte). Call Ken Friday evening at (613) 256-4283 if in doubt about the weather or for specific questions regarding this event.

Similar to Christmas Bird Counts, this event is an all-day survey in a 24-km diameter circle. The count area is centered on Manion Corners (SW of Ottawa) and includes several important butterfly areas such as the Long Swamp and the Burnt Lands alvar. No experience is necessary – we will put teams together on site and match up people so that everyone has a chance to learn from the experts. If you have binoculars and a butterfly net, please bring them along. Butterflies may be captured for identification and release. Rubber boots are recommended, as some of the sites have a lot of poison ivy or can be very wet. It is an all-day event so bring your lunch.

We plan to meet at 5:30 p.m. after the count for a compilation and potluck dinner at the Allisons’ home at 561 Wolf Grove Road, about 2.6 km west of Almonte. Please bring along some food to share plus your own drinks. We hope that everyone can make it to the compilation, as it will be a lot of fun; however, if you can’t, we will get your data in the afternoon before you leave. OFNC has generously offered to pay the count fees for participants to support publication of the data.