26 Aug 2018 All Day

Last year we took a new approach to the OFNC Seedathon, the purpose of which is to raise money to purchase seed for the OFNC bird feeders that the club maintains over the course of the winter. We will continue with this new approach again this year.

You will be able to contribute in two ways:

1. Contibute to the Seedathon day bird total. The easiest way to do this is to SHARE your checklist from that day on eBird with the username Ottawa_seedathon.

Bird as you usually do, going wherever and whenever you want. It might be interesting to cover some different areas but it is not necessary. Also, there is no concern about multiple coverage in hotspots like Britannia. Share your checklist via eBird, and the totals will be sorted out after the fact (Gregory Zbitnew has kindly volunteered to do this).

Remember, the Seedathon day total is for observations within the OFNC sudy area only, that is, within 50 km of the Peace Tower, Parliament Hill.  Lists outside the 50-km radius should not be shared.

If you do not use eBird, you can still participate by sending your list to the OFNC sightings line. Please be sure to specify the location of your sightings and, if possible, the number of each species observed. The time spent and distance traveled (as you would record for a Christmas Bird Count) would also be nice to have. 

2. You can donate to the the OFNC Seedathon.

I will be in charge of tracking and responding to pledges. If you wish make a pledge, let me know by emailing me at this address: seedathon@gmail.com and please provide me with the following information:

  • your pledge amount; either on a per species basis (e.g., 5 cents per species) or a flat amount (e.g., $20)
  • your contact information (in most cases it will be an email address)
  • if you are not an OFNC member, an address to which to send a receipt
To summarize
  • The day for the Seedathon is Sunday, August 26.
  • Please share your checklist from that day on eBird with Ottawa_seedathon.
  • Pledges are to be sent to seedathon@gmail.com.
  • Since this is a group effort, there will be no rain date.