Starts in 9 Days, 17 Hours

16 May 2021 2:00 pm

Game Show Host: Bev McBride

Location: Zoom

Description: Join Bev for this trivia quiz game on Ottawa birds. Possible themes include spring migration, tricky identifications, birds in the city, birding hotspots and famous birders. Questions will be multiple choice, should appeal to a range of skills and knowledge and be suitable for families. You will have a short time to choose your answer before the correct one is revealed. Each person or team will keep track of their own score but we will pause from time to time in case anyone would like to brag or commiserate. Play as an individual or as a team whose members have a way to collaborate during the stay at home order.  If you are not in the mood to cooperate, compete with your friends and family instead. Remember to have pencil and paper handy or some other way to track your score. If you would like more information beforehand you can send email to You can also suggest questions in advance for the quizmaster’s consideration. However, be warned, this is not likely to give you any special advantage. 

Advance registration required, OFNC members only please: