3 Sep 2017 All Day

Our annual seedathon is used to raise money for bird seed for OFNC feeders in the winter. In previous years, a team of enthusiasts spent the day birding and their tally was the basis for donations. This year, a new approach is planned.

A dedicated eBird seedathon account has been created (username: Ottawa_seedathon). Instead of a dedicated team being out all day, a large cohort of birders will simply bird on the Seedathon day, and SHARE their checklist with the dedicated account, using the eBird sharing facility and username Ottawa_seedathon.

So bird as you usually do, going wherever and whenever you want. It might be interesting to cover some different areas or do owling/ night birding, but none of that is necessary. Also, there is no concern about multiple coverage in hotspots like Britannia. As I said, bird as you normally do but share the checklist via eBird, and the details will be sorted out. Also, remember that the seedathon is for the Ottawa 50 Km circle only, so other lists do not need to be shared.

There are a few which do not use eBird, so the solution is to send your lists (if you want to participate) to the OFNC sightings line, and they will be tallied. If you do not use eBird, and send in a list, please specify the location of the sighting and if possible the number of each species observed, and the time spent and distance travelled (like for the Christmas Bird Count).

Bernie Ladouceur will be in charge of tracking and responding to pledges. If you wish make a pledge, let Bernie know by emailing him at seedathon@gmail.com; and please provide him with the following information:

  • your pledge amount; either on a per species basis (e.g. 5 cents per species) or a flat amount (e.g. $20)
  • your contact information (in most cases it will be an email address)
  • if you are not an OFNC member, an address to which to send a receipt

Since this is a group effort, there will be no rain date. Good birding!