30 May 2020 to 5 Jul 2020 All Day

OFNC Nature Quest (virtual ‘scavenger hunt’)


Since we cannot join together on outings, let’s share our nature discoveries in a friendly on- & offline ‘scavenger hunt’!


Over the week of May 30th-June 7th, 2020, try to find, describe, photograph and/or these items during your physical-distancing walks!  Please leave the actual item where you found it.

Share a description of what you saw, which list item it is, and what your walk was like so we can ‘join you’ virtually.


This can get a discussion going, and allow those who are not comfortable going out-and-about (or do not have easy access) to enjoy the outdoors virtually.  Check back often to see what new things are added, and keep the conversation going!


Please submit your photos/descriptions to OFNC Nature Quest (virtual ‘scavenger hunt’) facebook event page at  https://www.facebook.com/events/1153399188344256?__mref=mb


If you are unable to access facebook but would still like to participate, please email descriptions and photos, renamed with associated prompt/ number, to erobsongordon@gmail.com and I will try to upload them as soon as possible.  Note: your photos and descriptions will be visible to anyone in the private OFNC Facebook page (>2k members) who visits the event page.


LIST Prompts:

  1. a pollinator species
  2. a migratory species
  3. a spring ephemeral flower or its leaves
  4. something that grows in wet conditions
  5. something that is best observed in early morning
  6. something that is best observed without daylight (a description will be good here)
  7. a plant that looks/behaves different during the day than at night
  8. something invasive
  9. something(s) symmetrical
  10. something tall
  11. something fast
  12. something edible*
  13. something toxic/poisonous/venomous
  14. something that aids decomposition
  15. a scavenger


Tell us why:

  1. a species/organism that inspired you when you were younger
  2. a species that you think is underrated


  1. Bonus: audio recording of interesting animal sounds/songs





  • Please follow all public health guidelines, such as social/physical distancing.
  • Do Not actually collect items: ‘take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints etc’.
  • As per OFNC group guidelines, do not post photos of owls, do not share locations of active nests/dens, nor rare/sensitive species. (see http://ow.ly/TnEX304P4nX for full group guidelines, exception for 3-photo limit per post) *Note: this group does not provide or allow discussion about edibility or medicinal value. Extensive research should be done before ingesting anything.
  • *Note: this group does not provide or allow discussion about edibility or medicinal value. Extensive research should be done before ingesting anything)
  • Must be found/experienced in the Ottawa area/surroundings: a 50km radius centred on Parliament’s Peace Tower.
  • Must be found/experienced during the week of May 30th-June 7th
  • Naturally occurring (eg not a garden or pet)


  • Once facebook post per person with all your submission (see below for detailed instructions as needed).
  • Please include the prompt/category # in your description and share with us about what you saw/experienced.
  • Get creative in how it meets the prompt!


  • As always, stay respectful in your interactions, online and when out enjoying nature.


Detailed instructions on how to:


Visit or Join Facebook group

Please note that this is a private facebook group, and so it is only visible to members and not the world wide web.

Click the following link to visit the OFNC facebook group.  Log into facebook if you have not already done so. Click the blue “+ join group” at the top of the page and follow the prompts.



Upload Photos:

On the event page, click the “add post” button near the top of the page (below “details”). This will create a sort of pop-up on the event page.

Click on the picture icon on bottom right (says “photo/video” when you hover your mouse on it), this will open your file manager. Select the images you wish to upload (it helps to organize them all in a separate folder first) and press “open”.  You can ‘edit’ the photos one at a time to add your description/explanation (button on top left of photo) and then use the “add photos/video” button OR upload all you photos at once and add the descriptions afterwards.

Once you have selected the photos you wish to submit, press the “Post”.


View & Edit your submission

Note: You may have to refresh the webpage to view your posted photo album immediately after posting

From the event page “discussion” or “recent activity” (below Event Details and any pinned posts at the top) you can view your posted photo album, click on individual photos to edit or add the description.


Add photos:

Please only one post per person, to add photos throughout the week click the three dots at the top right of your post and select “edit post”. Hovering your mouse over the first photo will show an “add photos/video” button.