8 Jul 2018 1:00 pm - 3:30 pm

Meet: Parking area outside the Resource Centre at the Fletcher Wildlife Garden (see how to get to the FWG).

Beneath the work of garden-tending and studying wildlife, is there something that calls to you, like a song or a heartbeat, from the garden, fields and forests? When we pause in our projects and set aside the to-do list, we might listen closely and remember a whole other level of relationship with the world of nature. This mindful time in nature has tremendous benefits, with studies showing reduced stress levels and improved mental health, creativity, and sense of connection.

You’re invited to join a slow, meandering walk with Forest Therapy Guide and OFNC member Andrea Prazmowski, to discover the practice of Forest Therapy, to help quiet your mind and open your senses more fully to the gifts and “medicine” of nature. As one participant said:

“I have been a nature enthusiast for a very long time, but after one walk, I learned how to deepen the experience into something that shifts my centre of gravity from my head to my body. I’m more present now. I use all my senses. I stop a lot more … just to pay attention to the miraculous life that pulses all around if you give yourself time to tune in.”

Take time to tune in!