10 Sep 2019 7:00 pm

OFNC Monthly Meeting

7:00 p.m. Social

7:30 p.m. Formal program

Speaker: Tom Witte

Location: Salon B, K.W. Neatby Building, Central Experimental Farm, 960 Carling Avenue

Description: Mycorrhizal fungi form intimate connections with terrestrial plants and are thought to be critical to the development of life on land.  Some species produce loads of tasty, fleshy mushrooms we love to forage in the wild, while others are among the deadliest discovered. Research during the last few decades has produced many insights on the nature of these inspiring symbionts, from their diverse forms and evolutionary histories to the economy of their partnerships with the vast majority of plants.  Join Tom Witte, a Carleton University graduate student in mycology, for an entertaining look at the filamentous networks connecting different species – and generations – of plants to each other in what some have called the ‘wood wide web’.