10 Oct 2017 7:00 pm

OFNC monthly meeting

Speaker: Randy Boswell
Location: Salon B, K.W. Neatby Building, Central Experimental Farm, 960 Carling Avenue

Dr. Edward Van Cortlandt was a 19th-century physician best known to Ottawa history as a hard-working, eccentric medical man with a peculiar interest in collecting objects for his widely admired “cabinet of curiosities”. All true, but there is much more. At a time when Victorian science was coalescing into a vital nation-building force in Canadian society, Van Cortlandt’s diverse and energetic explorations in the broadly defined realm of “natural history “- from geology and archaeology to botany and zoology – helped shape the intellectual culture of a new country and its burgeoning, backwoods capital. Recent research into Van Cortlandt’s activities has shed fresh light on his significant contributions to Canadian environmental history, including the formative phase of what became the Ottawa Field-Naturalists’ Club.

Monthly meetings are open to the general public.