14 Oct 2017 9:30 am - 1:30 pm

Leader: Jakob Mueller
Location: NCC Parking Lot P8 off of the Sir George Etienne Cartier Parkway (formerly the Rockcliffe Parkway). Note: This is neither the greenbelt parking lot in Stony Swamp, nor the greenbelt parking lot P26 labelled for Green’s Creek. See directions.
Directions: Enter the parkway from St. Joseph Boulevard – following the parkway as it winds north and then west, you will cross a large bridge (over Green’s Creek); the lot will be on your left shortly afterwards. (To reach St. Joseph from the city centre, take Hwy 417 to Hwy 174, exiting at Montreal Road. Turn right (east) at the intersection, cross a bridge and go up a hill to an intersection, where you can turn left onto the parkway.)

Green’s Creek is an under-appreciated feature of the city’s greenbelt, with a number of interesting natural features. The creek meanders through an unusual deep clay valley. A diversity of plants are here, including the region’s only population of Witch Hazel (Hamamelis virginiana), a late-blooming shrub more common farther south. For the birders, some fall migrants can be expected. If the weather is warm, we might see a number of reptiles and amphibians.

Registration: Please register for this event with Jakob by emailing jm890_7[at]hotmail.com.