30 Apr 2021 7:00 pm

I See One, What is it? A Digital Practise Session for Fungus Identification

Presenter: Joan Heyding

This digital event will give participants an opportunity to practise observing key features when identifying fungi. We will look at photos of a selection of fungi from a variety of perspectives, including the cap, under the cap, the stem, and the base. After each photo of the fungus, participants will have a short time to record and describe what they’ve seen and then we will discuss it as a group. Using the keys from Timothy J Baroni’s field guide, Mushrooms of the Northeastern United States and Eastern Canada, participants will then be able to choose the correct genus for each fungus being studied.

What you will need: A chart of features will be emailed to each participant. You do not need to have Timothy J. Baroni’s field guide, but make it available if you do have it. Do not bring your own photos of mushrooms for identification.

N.B.: Participation is limited to ten people to allow everyone to have an opportunity to participate. Additional sessions may run depending on interest – keep an eye on the website.

photo by Joan Heyding

To register for this event, please contact Joan by email: ljheyding@gmail.com