5 Aug 2017 9:00 am

Leader: Sarah Walton (MSc candidate in aquatic science)
Meet: Entrance to the Mud Lake hiking trail along Cassels Street, near the water treatment plant, north of Britannia Park. Parking is along Cassels Street on either side. Carpooling is encouraged.

Mud Lake is an ecological significant habitat in the Capital’s urban region. Identified as a provincially significant wetland, hosting 250+ species of birds and a plethora of wildlife species, it is an excellent location to satisfy any wildlife enthusiast’s connection with nature. This easy yet informative hike will focus on Mud Lake’s aquatic species, their ecology, and systems that link to wetland ecology. Participants should bring water, binoculars, snacks, a camera, and sunscreen if they plan to enjoy the Britannia Beach, post hike. With presence of poison ivy along the tight paths of Mud Lake, appropriate attire including longer pants and socks, and/or tall boots are recommended. The hike will last about 2 hours – extra time is allotted to allow for photography, sketching, etc.

This event is limited to 20 people, due to the nature and size of the trail. Please register at jm890_7[at]hotmail.com.