1 Sep 2019 All Day

The 2019 Ottawa Seedathon will take place Sunday, September 1 st .  As in the last few years, this will be a
team effort where anyone can contribute. Participation in the Seedathon is a fun and worthwhile way to
contribute to bird records and to support the OFNC winter bird feeders.
There are two ways you can contribute:

1. Bird anywhere within the 50K region anytime on September 1 st , and share the results with
the Seedathon eBird account (Ottawa_seedathon). It doesn’t matter where you go, how long
you spend, or whether the area is covered by other people. Try for a “Big Day” or bird your
yard, your neighborhood, or your favorite patch. However, if you are looking for something
different to do, why not go to some good but less frequently birded area?  For example, we
receive few contributions from Quebec, and some areas like Plaisance are excellent at this
time of year. See reports of previous seedathons at  Seedathon Results

2. Make a financial contribution.  OFNC is grateful to those who have donated in previous years.
All funds raised go specifically to pay for bird seed for the many OFNC sponsored winter
feeders. Maps of the OFNC feeder locations are at Where to go Birding.
To make a donation, go to Memberships and Donations   and specify that the
donation is for the Seedathon. The number of species found during the seedathon will be
reported. A donation of a lump sum, or an amount corresponding to the number of species
found will be appreciated.