On Monday March 4, astronomer and repeat presenter Howard Simkover delivered a special presentation to the OFNC via Zoom on solar eclipses. This is particularly timely as a total solar eclipse will occur on April 8, 2024, across a swath of North America. Locations not too far from Ottawa in Southeastern Ontario will find themselves in the zone of totality.

Howard’s presentations are consistently excellent, and his reputation preceded him – so much so that the Zoom presentation was full, and some people were unable to join live. Happily, the presentation is now available on the OFNC YouTube channel, here:


Howard also provided two handouts for members as reference material, which you can download here:

Several people have requested the links Howard suggested for places that sell solar eclipse glasses. These are the links, which are also found in the handouts:

If you are interested in tips for how to try and view the upcoming solar eclipse safely, please look at the handouts and watch the presentation. Remember, do not look at the sun when it is partially eclipsed without a properly rated filter!

Thanks again to Howard Simkover for making the time to present to the OFNC!