Participants on the November 27th walk on NCC trail 43.

by Lynn Ovenden

The group met at P18 and we all introduced ourselves. From there we crossed Davidson Road and walked leisurely up trail 43 to the ‘arboretum’. The interpretive panels tell the history of the site: a sandy farm and woodlot 80 years ago, followed by red pine plantation and natural regrowth with transition to NCC greenbelt. Then we returned to the parking lot and continued south on trail 44, stopping first to appreciate the chickadees, downy woodpecker and mourning dove around OFNC’s birdfeeder. From there we took the trail east to Hawthorne Road and back, through a fine hardwood forest. Caption: Mycena meliigena are tiny.

It was a calm grey day, about 2ÂșC and snow covered the ground. We saw a variety of trees and fungi, chatted about many things and had a good time.