By Barry Cottam

On January 18th at the Fletcher Wildlife Garden (FWG) interpretive centre, at least a couple dozen people came out for the OFNC members’ photography night, hosted by Hume Douglas and Barry Cottam. Eleven presenters took us to locations near and far in a nice mix of exotic and local that proved to be a perfect photographic pot luck.

13-Lady Bug

Photo by: Victor Rakmil

We were treated to terrific views of the birds of New Zealand and Australia by Barbara Chouinard and several national parks in Tanzania by Fan Song. Claire Elliott unveiled the flora and fauna of the Barren Lands in the Northwest Territories with photos taken on a research trip. Rick Cavasin took us around the Gaspé in search of butterflies.

The Club’s 50-km catchment area and beyond was well represented, with Joshua McCullough featuring scenic shots from various places within it as well as from the Barron Canyon in Algonquin Park (see Joshua McCullough Fine Art). Moth expert Diane Lepage and other presenters focused on more local spots, including Larose Forest, Alfred Bog, and Purdon Fen. The hours Victor Rakmil spends in the FWG’s Backyard Garden resulted in photos of insects (see Rakmil Photography), and Barry showed photos of several of the many insects he is recording in his backyard.

Topics ranged from the scenic to megafauna, caribou especially, to birds, insects, trees – thanks to tree enthusiast Owen Clarkin – and small, rare, hard-to-find flowers, Eden Bromfield’s preferred subjects, which he catalogues by their appearance through the seasons. Natalie Sopinka had a change of plans and couldn’t make the event, but we enjoyed her fascinating photos of Pacific salmon, the subjects of her PhD research at the University of British Columbia.

Photo by: Barbara Robertson

Photo by: Barbara Robertson

Presentations were well received, with frequent questions and comments and much friendly buzz among the presenters and audience members throughout the evening. We learned about the natural world and the many ways and places it can be seen and appreciated. The evening ended with close-up views of individual snowflakes, taken outdoors by Barbara Robertson – an unusual challenge well-met and an appropriate send-off for us all on a winter’s eve.

A special thanks to the organizing host team and to Barbara Chouinard (OFNC Events Committee) who pleasantly surprised the group with drinks and snacks. Given the enthusiastic response, no doubt the club will be hosting this event again – watch for it!

In the meantime, check out a sample of the photographs presented at the photography night in the gallery below.