Remembering Laurie Consaul

//Remembering Laurie Consaul

by Fenja Brodo, President, OFNC

BridgeFamily, friends and colleagues of Laurie Consaul came out to a tree planting in her memory on September 30th. A Hickory (Carya cordiformis) sapling was lovingly planted by Mark Armstrong, Laurie’s husband and special friend.

Mark Armstrong, planting a hickory tree for Laurie

Mark Armstrong, planting a hickory tree for Laurie (this photo and the one above left by Colin Freebury)

The hole had been dug by Diane Lepage. She and her committee had prepared the ground very well for this event by pulling out Dog-strangling Vine, sifting the soil, and then covering the rather large bare area with a tarpaulin. After planting, the tree was watered and we all helped to spread the tarpaulin carefully across the rather large bare area surrounding the tree.

Laurie had been an active OFNC member as a birding field trip leader, secretary for the Birds Committee, and working with the Macoun Field Club. She had left us a generous bequest which was used to buy a VideoCam to observe the activities of an Osprey’s nest at Shirley’s Bay. Professionally, Laurie was a botanist with the Canadian Museum of Nature specializing in Artic grasses. Her colleague Roger Bull shared some photos.

Laurie at Brock River

Laurie at Brock River (photo by Roger Bull @ Candian Museum of Nature)


Thinking (photo by Roger Bull @ Candian Museum of Nature)

Note: A Tribute to Laurie Consaul appeared in a 2013 issue of the OFNC’s journal, the Canadian Field-Naturalist 127(4).

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